As the one of the most trusted home inspectors in Osceola County we often receive phone calls from distressed home and business owners that have recently discovered what they believe is mold. Mold is certainly a serious issue in Central Florida and should be investigated, but sometimes a simple phone consultation will let you know if your issues warrant an actual mold testing. After a short discussion on the phone if we believe you may have a mold problem we will come to collect samples throughout your home, business, or commercial building in order to determine the air quality.

The mold test samples will be sent in to an independent laboratory for proper investigation. A detailed report will be sent to both you and our customer service in the office. If a mold issue is discovered, we will create a protocol to get you on the way to fixing the problem. Since we do not do mold remediation ourselves you don't have to worry that we will recommend an unnecessary mold removal. as always, Buy Your Side is on your side! Hiring Buy Your Side will help you figure out EXACTLY what is going on in your home, business or commercial building. After an inspection is complete you will absolutely know if a real; mold problem exists, how serious it is, and where the problem is coming from.

  • Water damage or moisture problem in your home, business or commercial building?
  • Getting sick repeatedly without explanation or known cause?
  • Having respiratory, asthma, allergy complications suddenly and often?
  • Do you notice growth on walls, ceilings, clothes that appears to be mold-like?
  • Are you noticing strange odors and smells that haven't been there before?

If you said yes to any of the above questions, give us a call for a phone consultation. There is no charge for the call!
Don't put this off if you have any suspicions of having mold... it's a serious issue and the more you delay the more expensive and extensive the removal process can be.