Your home needs a checkup. Buy Your Side Home Inspection will ensure that your home is in top condition or let you how to get it that way in the most financially sensible manner.

If your home is older than 25 years old,  its time for a four point inspection. We will look into your plumbing, electric, HVAC, and roof.

Most companies do this on behalf of the insurance companies and document any problems. If this is requested for multiple insurance companies, multiple forms will be have to be filled out and it is possible that you will be charged for the extra inspections even though they are similar. However, with a Buy Your Side Home Inspection Four Point Inspection we have one form that works for all insurance companies in Florida. We only charge you for the one inspection, and we document everything, which means that if your home systems are better than expected, your insurance rates should fall. Sometimes drastically. 

That’s not all. With us, you will learn how to keep your home working properly so that your rates continue to drop and how to repair anything broken in such a way that you gain the most discounts possible on your insurance. Our inspection will pay for itself in time.